Wayback Site Restore into WordPress


A Complete Wayback Site Restore into WordPress. Complete hands-off service, where you just give us the archive link(s) and access.

– Use the same or a very similar theme
– Restore the original link structure
– Restore all the content from the archive version of the site
– Remove archive references
– Fix any broken links or missing images
– You can add or remove menu items/pages/posts
– It’s a fully functioning WordPress version of the site
– Update the copyright to this year
– Add link(s) to your money site on the homepage
– Create a sitemap file
– Block SEO crawlers
– Setup the site in your hosting account
– Turnaround time is 7 days

  • Add the archive link for the domain you would like restored
  • Select how many pages the site has
  • Add hosting and/or cpanel access
  • Add link(s) to the homepage content
    Add a new row
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