Redesign A Joomla/ HTML Site Into WordPress

Joomla/HTML site redesign into WordPress. A Complete hands-off service, where you just give us your site and access.

– We will setup and install WordPress on your hosting account
– Convert your whole site into WordPress
– Then we’ll redesign your site to look more modern
– We will install a Premium WordPress theme
– Upgrade the layout of the whole site
– The site will be 100% mobile responsive
– It will be SEO optimised
– We’ll do speed optimisation to ensure it loads quickly (important for mobile users and search engines)
– We can add a beautiful slider
– Parallax functionality
– CSS animations
– Install relevant plugins for SEO, site speed, social sharing, backups….
– Improve/redesign the current logo to make it more modern
– Setup a child theme, so customisations are not lost when updating
– Turnaround time is 7 days


  • Please give us an example site or a WordPress demo of what you would like your redesigned site to look like.
  • Include anything that needs to be done on the redesign
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


  • Joomla and HTML (static) websites were very popular during the last 20 years but have recently been overtaken by WordPress (dynamic) sites. The WordPress platform is far superior, it’s much easier to work with, SEO friendly, lots of customizations available, little or no coding experience needed.


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