PBN Site Redesign


PBN Site redesign is one of the most effective ways to boost the performance of you PBN sites. If you feel that your sites are in need of a revamp then pay close attention as this should help you with your problem.

Why Redesign Your PBN Sites?

Here are a few instances wherein a redesign is simply necessary.

  • Basic Design – One of the most common problems PBN sites have is that they simply look too basic, stripped bare to the bone. More often than not, this usually means they are too obvious and they betray the fact that they are PBN. This simply won’t do. After all, you want to make your PBN sites look and feel just right.
  • Inability to Pass Manual Reviews – The failure of a PBN website to pass the close scrutiny of a manual review is simply indicative of failures in design and construction. This can actually lead to serious problems down the road. That is why it is vital that you redesign now to avoid such headaches.

By redesigning your site, we can focus on addressing the specific problems which are bogging it down. For instance, we can install Premium WordPress Themes so that. This would effectively breathe new life to your sites. Aside from that, we will also look into improving your logo, putting in high-quality images as well as putting in more content. If necessary, we will also install the necessary navigational tools. All of these serve to make your site feel as real as possible.

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