Our PBNs Get Google Penalties Removed!

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Search Engine Optimization has changed over the years. Unfortunately, many businesses have failed to adapt to the changing Google algorithm. It has affected a significant number of businesses especially those that are unaware of the best practices in improving their site’s ranking.

Let’s look at the numbers shall we? 93% of our experience begins with a search

engine. In addition to this, Google holds more than 80% of the total search engine market share worldwide. And when it comes to users, 75% don’t even care to go past the first search result page.

Given these realities, it is a must for every website to have the right SEO strategy in order to dominate the rankings, maximize their traffic, and even build a solid reputation in their own niche.

The Power of PBNs

Enter Private Blog Networks. Recently a client site had a Google penalty and needed to be submitted to Google, we rebuilt the site to high-quality standards, Google reviewed the site and the penalty was removed!

google penaltyWhat exactly is a PBN? Let’s start with the basic. A PBN or a Private Blog Network is a network of authoritative websites with one single purpose which is to give your site a boost in rankings.

What it does is provide you with quality backlinks in order to make your site rank well. The good thing about PBNs is that each website isn’t linked to each other. This means that you basically get an instant quality backlink from an authoritative website.

Now, we all know how difficult it is to get organic high-quality backlinks. And for a lot of websites, this is something that they lack.

Does it really work?

In reality, PBNs do work even with the present day Google algorithm. Why exactly does it work? First, it is safe to say that backlinks still play a crucial role in ranking a website. However, keep in mind that you are not just getting any kind of backlink. You are actually getting a high-quality backlink from older websites that are viewed by Google as authoritative.

PBN’s are expired domains. Among the things that we look into when choosing a website include domain authority and page authority to name a few.

Another benefit of PBN is that you are in total control of your backlinks. There is no other backlinking strategy that can give you the same freedom and control as PBNs give you. In addition to this, you also get quality content from the PBN. And in today’s current SEO trend, content is considered king.

Also, it means that you don’t need to build relations to web masters in order to get high-quality backlinks that you want for your website. You can skip the number of hours searching for a site and even begging for a backlink.

PBNs can even help your site when you are already in trouble. Ultimately, what PBN can do is to make your site look good even when your site has been penalized by Google already.

Ultimately, PBNs are relevant in today’s SEO world. It can help boost your ranking in so many ways that you can imagine.

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