What is a PBN?

What is a PBN?

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is made up of a number of powerful domains with websites that you can own and use to place links to your/client’s websites to increase them in the rankings.

These powerful domains are typically expired domains that are no longer used by the original owner and are free to be registered.

Then a site can be built on these domains and a powerful contextually relevant link be placed back to your money site.

Why Choose



We’ve been doing SEO for over 10 years and one of the ways we have ranked websites successfully is using PBNs. It’s a core part of our ranking strategy.



With a wealth of experience and over 5,000 PBNs setup, we know what we are doing, are trusted by customers to build powerful networks with safety as a priority.



Our PBNs have developed over the years and we now build superior PBN sites that are just like real websites and will pass manual reviews 100% of the time!


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Ricardo Panazeite
Ricardo Panazeite
They have made always a excelent job with every site they made for me. I will use there service for sure again!
Sathish S
Sathish S
Yeshua Quijano
Yeshua Quijano
Just want to leave a quick review here. I was quite surprised by the high level of customer service and quality for a wayback restore that only costs $29. So much value here for so little. Will definitely order more in the future 🙂
Motti Eliyahu
Motti Eliyahu
I have tried using other content writers. This company is one of the best i have ever used. I get amazing results with my clients using their content. Content is king. And they are the king of content. Its deff a bonus that their communication is amazing.
John Geenen
John Geenen
Awesome service! And awesome guy!
Lewis Edwards
Lewis Edwards
Super work from PBN (dot bz) - they are the real deal, high quality and can confirm... they do look better than a lot of money sites! Quick turnaround and good communication, couldn't ask for more. Back for more very soon.
Jeff Deutsch
Jeff Deutsch
So far Simon has been very professional and his work is top notch. Great communication!
Lonnie Jones
Lonnie Jones
I recently ordered a few of these PBN sites and they are some of the most professional, real looking sites I have seen for a PBN...ever. PBNbz goes way out of their way to make these sites look like real sites. My domains were old local businesses, so when they built the sites they localized everything...the copy, images, contact info etc. PBNbz really lives up to their claim as being "Next Generation" PBNs. Time to order more now!
Sia Mohajer
Sia Mohajer
Great PBN builds that look like really legit websites. Internal pages, contact info, great design. Good quality writing. If you run an agency or want this work done for you - this is a great service that can save you time and money.
Gavz Maxwell
Gavz Maxwell
awesome service ! since Simon work his magic on one of my sites , its jumped from page 2 to above the fold on page 1 , and haven't built any new links ! there is NO way these would fail a manual review ! Also wanted to add Simon went above & beyond , answered all my questions and kept me in the loop from start to end Great service Great sites !
Jacob Kettner
Jacob Kettner
I've used a number of pbn providers including a team I trained myself, and for the price I can't beat what Simon provides. These are on par with sites other vendors are charging $80-$100/build for. He's also incredibly responsive and made a number of special customizations for me which I really appreciate. This is a great deal for anybody looking to build out a PBN.

PBN Demo Sites

We can build many different styles of PBN sites (click below to see the live demo sites):

Business PBN


Blog PBN (blogroll)


Business Blog PBN

Business Blog PBN Demo

Company PBN

Company PBN Demo


You can customise the orders on the Order Page by adding more content, different social profiles, plugin requests etc.

Our PBN Sites all include:

Blog/Company/Magazine/News Style PBNs
Premium WordPress/HTML/Joomla themes/templates
Niche Relevant Design
Custom Logo Design & Favicon
Unique Manually Written Content 750+ Words
Main Site Pages (About, Contact, Services/Blog, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service)
Basic onpage SEO (titles tags, SEO friendly URLs, image optimisation)
Facebook Page Setup & Linked On The Site
Shutterstock Quality Images
Popular Plugins Installed
Suitable Widgets Installed
Outbound Authority Links
Banner Advertisements
Relevant Videos
Site interlinking
Real Website Feel
No footprints
Pass manual reviews


  • Small PBN
    $39/ site
    • 1 - 9 PBN Sites
    • $39 / site
    • 4 - 6 Days
  • Medium PBN
    $38/ Each
    • 10 - 19 PBN Sites
    • $38 / site
    • 6 - 12 Days
  • Large PBN
    $37/ Each
    • 20+ PBN Sites
    • $37 / site
    • 12 - 18 Days

*please note we do not offer domains/hosting

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are that confident about our work that if you don’t like the PBN sites we build, we will give you 100% of your money back


You want more unique content on your PBN? Want to use Wayback content? More social profiles setup? Recreate strong URLs with the most referring domains? Or a complete Wayback Site Restore? Check out our Extra services and select them on the Order Page when placing your order.
(same strategy as discussed in the FB groups and Matt Diggitys recent blog post)
Power up your PBNs using inner page link juice and relevant content.
We find the two or three of the strongest inner pages (based on referring domains), recreate those exact URLs, write supporting content, then place it on the inner pages and link back to the homepage.
The relevance and power of your PBN is massively increased.

  • We find the two or three of the strongest inner pages (based on referring domains)
  • Recreate those exact URLs
  • Write 1250 words of supporting content
  • Place it on the inner pages
  • Contextually link back to the homepage using relevant anchor text
  • Target keywords in Title & H1 of inner page article
  • Add dofollow authority links to the inner page

We offer this service on new PBNs you order with us or we can upgrade your existing PBNs

  • All content is unique
  • Manually written
  • High standard
  • Order as many as you like for each site
  • $6 per 500 words of additional content
EXTRA SOCIAL PROFILE SETUPS – $5 (per social profile)

A Facebook page is already included with every site. But if you’d like more:

  • Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube profiles/pages setup
  • Social profile icon and link added to the site
  • Logins supplied for all accounts that are setup
  • only $5 per social profile

Your domain may have had a lot of links to inner pages. We can recreate the exact same URLs to capture this link juice to your PBN site.

  • Analyse the inner URLs of the domain
  • Highlight the strongest URLs which have the most referring domains
  • Recreate these URLs whilst building the PBN
WAYBACK SITE RESTORE – $29 (separate service)

If you need to restore the archive version of your site, please message us with your domain first and we will make sure it is possible.

  • We’ll check the Wayback Machine archives of your domain
  • Restore the whole site into HTML or WordPress
  • Use the same or very similar theme
  • Restore the original link structure
  • Fix any broken links or missing images
  • You can add or remove menu items/pages/posts
  • Options to restore the site into a specific WordPress template too
  • Fast turnaround, usually 24 hours

Case Studies

  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 2
  • Case Study 3
  • Case Study 4
  • Case Study 5


profile“We have used and worked with most of the PBN building services you’ll find online. There is a lot of crap around and the game is changing. You can’t just slap up a dodgy logo, 500 words, a image, a video and some graphic in the sidebar. You need to stay ahead of the curve, which means you need to be building your PBN sites to look like money sites. We recently ordered a test package from Simon and his team has delivered the best PBN sites from any service we’ve ever used. The designs are better than money sites I own. They would pass and manual check 100% of the time. If you want to get ahead of the curve with your PBN builds, then I highly recommend using Simon’s service!!! Awesome work mate.”        DOUG STEWART Owner at PBN HQ & Domain Ronin
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How do I order?

You’d need to provide domains and hosting. Then give us hosting, cpanel or wordpress access and we build an amazing looking PBN site.
Orders can be placed and customised here:
Then you’ll be taken to Paypal to checkout

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept Paypal, just order through the order page and you’ll be taken to Paypal.
We can also accept Skrill, please send us a message if you’d like to pay via this method.

Do you offer domains & hosting setup?

We’ve currently removed our domain & hosting packages, so we can focus on building amazing PBN sites.

Can I request custom features for my site?

Sure, there are lots of options on the order form to customise your PBN sites.
However, if you have a lot of customisations needed or want a different type of site built, then please message us via our contact form, so we can offer the best solution.

How much content will each PBN site have?

Each PBN will have a minimum of 750 words of manually written content which is spread across the homepage, about us, contact us and other pages.

If you would like additional content, that’s no problem. Just select the number of additional 500 word articles you would like on the order form.

Can you setup social profiles?

Yes we can. We include a Facebook page with every PBN built and we also offer Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube social profile setup. These are phone verified accounts, so they won’t get blocked. You can choose these on the order page

Do you install random plugins?

Yes! We use the most popular plugins that are used on real websites. Different plugins are used on each of the PBNs we build, so there is no chance of creating any “footprint”.

Can you work with sites hosted on Easy Blog Networks?

Yes, we work with sites on EBN everyday and have no problem building PBN sites on that hosting.

Any other questions?

We are happy to answer any questions. Feel free to drop us a message.

contact us

If you have any questions, a custom order or want to discuss about a potential partnership,
we’d be happy to receive your message and we always reply within 24 hours.

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